Whether you are applying to college or entering the workforce, you should have a student resume prepared as you will certainly use it in the upcoming months. Here is a layout for your resume, for more information and examples, you can visit

Sample Student Resume

Street address
City, State Zip
Phone number
e-mail address

High School [Name
Street address
City, State Zip]
Graduation Date [month /year]

GPA [0.0]
Class Rank [number or percentile rank]
Test Scores [name of test,
month taken, year
[if SAT, verbal and Math scores; if ACT, composite score and score for each section]

Honors [Honor Roll, years]
[National Honors Society, mo/yr]

Athletics [Sports, years, honors]

Activities [List each school organization, club with years]
[Under each organization, list any offices held with dates]
[List any volunteer work, year, agency, & hours]

Work Experience [List name of position, name of company, dates
Employed, & hours worked per week]

Interests [List your hobbies]

Major Goals [To major in ] optional