Senior Year Timeline

Senior Year College Planning Timeline
Senior Fall
1. Meet with your high school counselor. I will schedule a meeting with you to review your working college list and the college application process.

  1. Finalize SAT/ SAT Subject/ ACT Tests. By senior fall, you should be finishing up standardized tests. Make sure to check the standardized test submission guidelines for each college. Certain schools require tests that others don’t!
  2. College application. Work on completing your college applications during senior fall. Deadlines are sometimes as early as October.
  3. Finalize letters of recommendation. Teachers are busy, especially during college admissions season, so ask teachers early in the school year. Make sure to follow up with your recommenders so that the letters are submitted on time.
  4. Apply to financial aid. During senior fall, you should start applying for financial aid.
  5. Interview for early admissions (if applicable). Some schools offer interviews on campus or with alumni after applications are submitted. Sometimes the interviews are optional, although many school now make this a requirement. This is a great chance to learn more about the college and make a good impression.
  6. Apply for scholarships. Some scholarships have early deadlines. Find out which scholarships you are eligible and apply for them.
Senior Spring
  1. Interviews for regular admissions.Again, look to Chapter 9 for more information.
  2. Send an update letter to colleges (if applicable). A lot might happen between when you submit your college application and when colleges let you know of their admissions decision. An update letter is one way to update colleges on what you’ve done and what has happened since you’ve submitted your application.
  3. Apply to scholarships. While you wait for college admissions results, you shouldn’t let “senioritis” hit quite yet. Even if you get into the college of your dreams, you need to be able to afford it. There are literally thousands of scholarships for high school seniors to serve that exact purpose. Apply for scholarships on your list from the fall and continue using websites with lists of scholarships.


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